I got a Tana invite! Now what?

Quick Start Guide for Tana Novices

Learn how to use an Outline Editor

If you’ve never used an outline editor before this will get you up and running. It’s a bit different than a word doc. It’s all about relationships and the outline is the first step in creating connections.
Once you get that down, check out more Navigation tricks.

Learn about your Daily page

Daily Page gives your head a break from thinking about “where” to save something. This might be a mindset change for you. Use it for EVERYTHING. No more files and folder! Just Tag and go.

Learn about Tana’s superpower: Supertags

A TAG is NOT just a TAG in Tana – it has superpowers with information you can use as a “template” of sorts. It’s where Tana excels.

Learn about Tana Fields

Add fields to your Supertags to create even more opportunities for connections

Learn how to retrieve the right notes with Search nodes using Queries and Query Builder

What good it a note you can’t find later, right? Search nodes (Queries and Query Builder) to the rescue!

You can check out lots of Query examples

This s a Template that will install in your workspace. It’s safe!

Learn the power of the CommandsLine

Command line gives you access to key Tana features. Think of it as rocket fuel at your finger tips!

Learn your Sidebar features

For easy access, use your side bar. And for those who can’t go “cold-turkey” on folders, you can pretend to use it for those too 😇)

Learn about Nodes and references

It’s all about connections—nodes and references is how you make those connections.
Creators/Navigators/Ambassadors: DM Dee in Slack if I missed a resource or twitter handle of yours.
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