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⌛️ Are you sick of wasting time?

☠️ Are you tired of working yourself to death with nothing to show for it?

⚡️ Action-Powered Productivity in Tana can change your life.

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“APPnT taught me the value of distinguishing between tasks, notes, and prototasks. It’s streamlined my to-do list, helping me focus on what’s truly actionable and important.” – Lori Harris

What is Action-Powered Productivity in Tana?

👉 Action-Powered Productivity is the powerful approach championed in the new book The Rhythms of Productivity

Take Action and Capture Recurrence™—develop those two skills and your productivity will skyrocket

👉 Action-Powered Productivity in Tana (APPnT) is a 29-day masterclass where we implement your productivity toolkit in Tana. You receive:

  • The new book The Rhythms of Productivity (free)
  • 10 live group consulting sessions (recorded for future viewing)
  • Essential Tana Skills (free)
  • Tana for Tasks Core (free)
  • Tana for Action, successor to Tana for Tasks Core (free, upon release)
  • Access to our APPnT forum (free)
  • Six free months of the Action-Powered Productivity Pro community

👉 APPnT focuses on Tana as the primary driver of your productivity system

  • Where useful, we will incorporate automation tools like Keyboard Maestro (Mac) or AutoHotkey (Windows), but Tana is our one-and-only hub.

👉 APPnT is only $350 $297.50!

  • The value far exceeds the cost!

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Everything you’ve been taught about productivity is backward.

That’s why every time you’ve tried some new system to get your work done, it worked for a while and then failed.
All of those systems told you to get organized first. Once you’re organized, the systems say, you’ll be equipped to take action.
To put it bluntly: That’s wrong. It’s worse than wrong. It’s exactly backward.

Don’t Get Organized… Take Action

”Content Dictates Form.” – musical theatre composer Stephen Sondheim
Systems that prescribe structure (i.e., just about all of them) impose a top-down approach on your work. They say, “Here’s what all work looks like, now let’s shoehorn your work into it.”
You wind up with projects that don’t fit what you need and functionality that isn’t aligned with the way you think and work.
Your vision of what’s possible is constrained by the imposed system. This is the exact opposite of Stephen Sondheim’s quote above: you’re starting with form and contorting the content until it fits.
That is destined to fall apart.
But without pre-built structure, what’s the alternative? Shooting in the dark and hoping you hit something?

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“This course has significantly boosted my productivity and confidence. The APP system is effective, practical, and has positively transformed my task management. Overall, it’s been a game-changer in my daily routine.” – Penny Olorenshaw

Tana Revolutionized My Productivity

I started using Todoist in 2014 when I first read David Allen’s Book Getting Things Done. In 2020, I moved my GTD system to Roam Research.
With my notes and tasks in the same environment, I expanded my approach to include a daily agenda and log. I also performed reviews of my system more reliably, because I could capture in notes the changes I wanted to make to my work and workflows.
Then, in September 2022, two weeks before Tana was publicly announced, I received a demo that blew my mind. Tana was everything I loved about Roam combined with the power to capture structure that I always envied in Notion.
With the power of Tana, I created structures for recurring tasks, procedures, project templates, review dashboards, and a variety of note types that would have been convoluted or impossible in Roam.
And while creating those tools can be complicated, using them is simple. Far from making my productivity more complex, Tana has made it easier and more fluid. I get more work done than ever, and because I can keep an eye on my big picture in Tana, too, I know that work is serving my longer-term aspirations.

Tana Can Revolutionize Your Productivity, Too!

Here’s amazing news for you: I can give you the complicated stuff, and help you build what’s unique to your work and workflows. You’ll save time, effort, and money, and you won’t get mired in confusion over how to build Tana workflows on your own.
The real power of Tana is allowing the structure of your workflows to emerge over time. You don’t need to organize first—you can take action and then ask yourself “how can I do that better in the future?” And your answer can be captured in procedures, templates, or other structures that Tana can support with ease.
With Tana as the primary driver of your work and workflows, and Action-Powered Productivity as your toolkit, you’ll do the right work efficiently and effectively.

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Master Action and Recurrence in Productivity

The new book The Rhythms of Productivity lays out two core productivity tactics that can make anyone more productive: Take Action and Capture Recurrence™.
To consistently improve your productivity over time, there are two tactics you need to get good at:

(1) Take Action

Decide what you’re going to do and then do it.
To make Taking Action easier, APPnT will teach you how to use Tana to:
✅ Create and schedule well-formed tasks
✅ Take effective notes that show up when you need them
✅ Relate notes to one another using hubs, especially Bins & Projects for tasks
✅ Link tasks and projects to relevant files and information
✅ Prepare simple, valuable daily agendas
✅ Group similar work into clusters to save time and effort
✅ Keep logs of your work for review

(2) Capture Recurrence™

After you take action, ask yourself, “how can I do that work better the next time?”
If you’re doing something today, odds are you’ve done it before and you’ll do it again. Leverage that repetition to improve future work. APPnT will teach you how to use Tana to:
✅ Capture Recurrence in Productivity Bridges: templates, automations, procedures, recurring tasks, and more—all in service of making future work faster, more accurate, and higher quality
✅ Recognize and implement recurring tasks so important work gets done: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.
✅ Establish procedures so your work gets done right
✅ Create templates so your work is 80% done before you even start
✅ Build automations so your work is doesn’t even require you
✅ Make big-picture decisions with roles
✅ Set up dashboards to make work and system reviews effortless

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“A revelation during [APPnT] was the discovery of Roles. Categorizing tasks according to specific roles within my life provided a fresh perspective, transforming my approach to planning and execution.” – Carol Leather


At the end of the 29-day masterclass you’ll be:
💡 Confident building, adapting, running, and maintaining productivity processes with Tana as the hub
💡 Familiar with other apps or processes that improve your workflows, especially Keyboard Maestro (Mac) and AutoHotkey (Windows)
💡 Equipped with tools and apps—including AI—to help you work efficiently, effectively, and accurately
💡 In control of your time
💡 Equipped with valuable routines & habits, as well as templates for your recurring processes and projects
💡 Equipped to further develop your system to adapt to future changes in your life and work
💡 More efficient and effective than you’ve ever been with systems you’ve used in the past—because this system is tailormade for you

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How does the 29-day masterclass format work?

In Action-Powered Productivity in Tana, we are focused on action. Everything that’s included is to support your ability to Take Action now and Capture Recurrence to take better action in the future.
Here’s what’s included:
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Twice weekly Mastermind sessions via Zoom
📼 All live Zooms are recorded and available to watch later (assuming at least one person attends!)
📆 See the schedule of live events for dates and times
📺 Easy-to-understand video demos, when relevant
📕 My book The Rhythms of Productivity to cover in detail every aspect of the Action-Powered Productivity approach
🆓 My course Essential Tana Skills is included so you can learn (or refresh) the fundamentals of Tana (a $37 value, available as soon as you enroll!)
🆓 My Tana for Tasks Core (T4TC) template and tutorials is included so you can learn the mechanics of task management in Tana (a $37 value, available as soon as you enroll!)
🆓 An invite to Tana is included, if you need one
🆓 Free enrollment to the Action-Powered Productivity community. The community has a forum, as well as spaces for discussion and learning from each other. Includes 6 free months of APP Pro, too!

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APPnT Curriculum

Because this masterclass is live, the curriculum listed below is subject to adjust a bit as we recognize what specific issues you face. But this will help you understand the structure of the framework you’ll learn.

📆 Prior to Day 1 (before May 10)

  • Read The Rhythms of Productivity and engage with content I share prior to the start of the course, so you’re ready to get started!
  • Complete Essential Tana Skills if you need a solid foundation (or a refresher) in the Tana basics
  • Install Tana for Tasks Core (T4TC) to have your task management ready to go in Tana
  • Mac users, optional: Purchase and install Keyboard Maestro and Hookmark
  • Windows users, optional: Install AutoHotkey
  • Get your calendar set with the live group consulting sessions you can attend
  • Optional: Read other books from the APP suggested reading list

📆 Days 1 – 7: Take Action with Core & Now Bridges (May 10 – 16)

  • Implement the basics of task management in Tana
  • Learn to use notes, tasks, agendas, logs, and hubs like bins and projects to make better decisions in the moment, and to focus on the right work at the right time

📆 Days 8 – 14: Capture Recurrence with Recurrence Bridges (May 17 – 23)

  • Implement the “next level” of task management in Tana and complementary tools like Keyboard Maestro or AutoHotkey
  • Learn to use recurring tasks, procedures, and templates, as well as automations such as keyboard shortcuts, text expansions, and macros
  • Learn simple ways to use AI to work more efficiently, effectively, and accurately, without sacrificing your creativity and personal touch
  • Bridge hours of unnecessary work every week by harnessing recurrence and never starting from scratch again

📆 Days 15 – 21: Calibrate and Adapt with Vision Bridges (May 24 – 30)

  • Implement big-picture task management in Tana
  • Learn to use roles to direct the action in your life toward the identities you embody in your life and work
  • Implement the reviews required to capture long-term transformation in your work and workflows

📆 Days 22 – 29: Put It All Together (May 31 – June 7)

  • Assess and apply the skills you’ve learned to optimize your productivity toolkit
  • Your toolkit is a lifelong ally, so it’s never “done.” We’ll make sure you have the tools and access to additional resources so you can keep using and developing it in the future

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“Implementing a prototask fall-off review system revolutionized how I handle my tasks, making everything clearer and more manageable. This system is a game-changer for productivity.” – Keli Fancher

Join Our Thriving Productivity Community

One core reason APPnT works is that you’re not alone. The masterclass format provides peer support, networking, and shared learning.
In three years of creating live courses, I’ve learned that my content is important, but the engagement of the community is even more important. My content frames the learning process, but everyone brings fresh ideas and tremendous value to the community.
By joining Action-Powered Productivity in Tana, you’re practically guaranteed to learn something vital to your productivity approach in Tana by watching how your peers use their systems.

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R.J. Nestor, Productivity Consultant

Your Guide: R.J. Nestor

R.J. Nestor is a productivity consultant, musician, and writer. He is a communication and productivity expert with 20+ years of experience helping people say what they mean to say and do what they mean to do.
R.J. is the founder of the Action-Powered Productivity community, and creator of Tana for Tasks, Tana for Tasks 2, and Tana for Tasks Core (which is included with APPnT!), as well as Essential Tana Skills (also included!).
R.J. is the author of the book The Rhythms of Productivity, which is the core content that is implemented in Tana during APPnT.
As a consultant, R.J. helps you get important work done. He coaches entrepreneurs, executives, and freelancers from diverse industries: technology, finance, architecture & design, real estate, insurance, fitness, law, and more.
You have great ideas and boundless potential. R.J. provides the tools and guidance to execute your ideas and realize your potential.

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Common Concerns

🙋‍♀️ I don’t have enough time to commit to a 29-day masterclass

APPnT is designed for busy individuals. While it spans 29 days, the mastermind sessions are recorded, allowing you to engage with the material at your own pace. Plus, the skills and strategies you’ll learn are aimed at saving you time in the long run.

🙋‍♂️ $350 is too expensive

Investing in APPnT is investing in your future productivity and efficiency. The skills and tools you gain will save you time and resources in the long run, dramatically outweighing the initial cost. (And if you catch us in the Early Bird discount, it’s less than $300!) Plus, we offer a discount for past participants!

🙋‍♀️ I’m a Tana newbie

Don’t worry if you’re new to Tana. APPnT includes Essential Tana Skills and other resources to get you comfortable with the tool. Plus, our community and mastermind sessions provide support and guidance at every step. If you never intend to use Tana, APPnT is not for you. But if you’re just inexperienced with Tana, we can help you!

🙋‍♂️ How do I know this masterclass will actually improve my productivity?

APPnT is built on ten years of productivity experience and consulting, plus my specific expertise using Tana. My Action-Powered Productivity approach served hundreds of clients, both in the community and over eleven cohorts of Applied APP. Plus, with the nature of APPnT, I’m there with you to answer your specific challenges. I can get you on the right path!

🙋‍♀️ Will this masterclass be relevant to my specific field or industry?

The Action-Powered Productivity approach championed in APPnT is universally applicable, regardless of your industry. The principles of productivity and the use of Tana are adaptable to various fields. We’ve had successful participants from technology, finance, design, and more.

🙋‍♂️ What if I don’t achieve the promised outcomes?

We understand that every participant’s journey is unique. That’s why APPnT offers personalized guidance and a supportive community to help you tailor the system to your needs. Plus, our curriculum is flexible to address specific issues you might face.

🙋‍♀️ How is this masterclass different from other productivity tools or courses?

Unlike generic productivity courses, APPnT is specifically designed around Tana, offering a unique blend of action-first productivity methods. It’s not just about using a tool; it’s about integrating this tool into an approach that improves your overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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❓ When does the next masterclass start and finish?

The upcoming APPnT will be May 10 through June 7. See the schedule of live events for specific dates and times.

❓ How long do I have access to the content?

All content will be available to you indefinitely in the APP community.

❓ What if I am unhappy with APPnT?

The refund policy is simple: If you can demonstrate you completed the content for Days 1 – 7, and at that point you decide APPnT isn’t for you, DM me in the Circle community to request a full refund. Once the content for Days 8 – 14 is available, no further refunds will be processed.

❓ How do I access the private community?

The sign-up link will be available when you enroll. If you have trouble joining the community, contact me.

❓ Are there scholarships available for APPnT?

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Secure Your Spot Now and Enjoy Exclusive Early Bird Perks!

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